Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


  The collapse of values and social disintegration, caused by poverty and the continuously changing economic and socio-culture landscapes, as well as the loss of political authority… all of these are destroying the rules and models for social justice. It is happening to the advantage of the few, always richer and to the harm of the many, always poorer, and is leading to a climate of political disengagement and cultural emptiness. (taken from LA VITA fragilita del cuore....

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  Nowadays the inhabitants of this country know and feel that their value depends on the ability to sell their outer image. For this reason they feel they have lost their dignity as human beings. If self esteem is based on the approval of others, then the dignity and freedom of following one’s vocation and psycho-spiritual growth journey is gone. Everything becomes superficial, open to influence, questionable, and stupid.

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