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In a world that is becoming more and more confused and evil-intentioned, where the Catholic church, the one I’m most familiar with, is not only self-focused, rich, and powerful, but often doesn’t “walk the walk” of penance and conversion of heart, I am convinced of the need for truly deep, spiritual persons. And more importantly that these persons understand it is not enough to go to church to show they are good people, but each one needs to have a radical and permanent change of heart. I have always written that it is essential to read, study, and follow the Sacred Scriptures, the Word of God, every day. But if your heart isn’t freed from neuroses, complexes, blockages, obsessions, depression, fixations, perversions, egoism, fear, envy, jealousy, greed, bad habits and cravings, you won’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I have come to understand all of that from 40 years of professional psychotherapy experience and 30 years of reading psychospiritual books. It is not enough to read and follow the Word of God by force of will alone, but one’s heart has to be clean and pure. And not only does the heart have to be cleansed of neuroses, but it must also be free from every stain of pagan and idolatrous lies that have too often found a place in the hearts of otherwise good believers from birth, rendering them prisoners of those same lies. This work of cleansing, must be done daily, with psychology and spirituality, that is, with the Word of God.

(John 8:31, 32) “To the Jews who believed in him Jesus said: If you make my word your home, you will indeed be my disciples; you will come to know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

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  1. grazie Valerio!:)

  2. Effettivamente e propio così, io faccio sempre questo esempio, se un costruttore non mette in pratica le sue capacità lavorativa, la casa rimane sul progetto disegnato da l’ingegnere.. Quindi l’ingegnere e Dio, e noi siamo i costruttori… tutto questo lo puoi mettere solo in pratica se prendiamo alla lettera quello che ha detto Valerio Albisetti.

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