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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


The state of fear never frees us, does not make us grow, does not make us aware. Above all fear pushes us continuously into a state of servitude. It pushes us to search for protection outside of ourselves, to not take a position, to not uncover ourselves, to hide ourselves, to not give witness, to not feel unique but rather to conform ourselves in a lowly way to the logic of the powerful. Only those who overcome fear can become free.

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The destiny of the man who wants to live fully his earthly existence should be that of differentiating himself; that is to separate himself, slowly even, from the superficial image he has of himself. This is a journey that one refines ever more, in every moment of the day.

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I always taught people to look well, to look at everything deeply. To never let things or people pass over us but to live them. And I always reminded my readers and believed that behind tragedy hope and meaning exist, always. My God has never been separated from human beings. God lives in their hearts. I hope that this blog can teach people to pose the right questions so they can go forward in their life journeys. Everything has meaning. Wastes of time, useless encounters...

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In a time when Christianity has entered into a phase of eclipse, I thought that simple but deep and clear writing- writing that respects mystery and is neither ecclesiastic nor clerical- could have an effect on people who have started a real search, the authentic journey of the soul. I am convinced that today we live in a time in which the search is inexistent or superficial, very exterior rather than interior.

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Today the desire of the powerful is not so clear or visible as in times past. It is subtly hidden in the messages we hear daily and obsessively through the mass media and communication tools (neutral in themselves) and therefore more difficult to oppose. These days superficiality rules and prevents people from achieving personal awareness. Superficiality also hinders psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, which as they are understood, have turned out to be insufficient,...

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