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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


What I mean by psycho-spiritual awareness begins with repentance. Repentance is more than simple displeasure; it is really and truly a disgust for things we have done or emotions felt. It’s the only way to not repeat the same mistakes. In the end, you need to add compassion to awareness and repentance. Today the ability to feel compassion for others is almost gone. And yet suffering is a common experience for all human beings.

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The subconscious -excluding the part determined by social situation to which a person belongs, is the human being in its totality. She who experiences the subconscious knows herself deeply and truly. Often the truth of ourselves creates pain and we want to deny it, remove it. But if we get close to it with tenderness and compassion we will receive tremendous benefit and great regenerative strength.

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If we tend to reach material, economic or social goals without a simultaneous interior growth, without spiritual and psycho-spiritual awareness, we are destined to enter into a dimension so destructive it can bring us to the end of humanity. Therefore we are before a vital challenge. A constant dimension exists, even if it is buried at times, in human history, where hate is the true source of cruel actions. I have always understood psycho-spirituality as a spiritual...

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Immersed in the silence of my hermitage, as I prepare the new book that is usually published –for the last 20 years- in the fall by the Pauline’s, I couldn’t resist writing a poem. As night dims The first rays of sun Dance Through the flowering silver star Spider web To seize The last shreds Of dream That float still in my eyelids closed.

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