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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita

(Italiano) “Ben Fatto”

“Ben Fatto” Tomorrow morning on Thursday September 29 at 8:30 am on the RadioRaiUno “Ben Fatto” show I will answer some questions on psycho-spirituality

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  My latest book was recently released in Catholic Italian bookstores. It’s called “Parents Forever” and it revisits a previous book of mine on parents and children. This past spring I released another book, “LIFE, Fragility of the Heart,” which is selling very well. “I’ve discovered only recently that my desire to live, my enthusiasm and strength come from having revisited my childhood; from having cleaned and healed it; and found again its innocence. In fact, when I...

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Heartfelt affection and love as I intend it, are revolutionary. They go against a society where nothing is done gratuitously, where people stay together to satisfy personal neuroses, where indifference is exalted as cleverness and knowing how to lie. Love as I intend it and heartfelt affection, want nothing in exchange. People in relationships should not forget this. Often we give affection only if we are sure the other person deserves it or will give it back to us, or in...

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  Everyday a new psychological test comes out to discover your affinity as a couple or to improve your personality. Or so-called psychologists or psychotherapists pontificate on television about relationships and on how to love. But no one talks about the heart. Deep down, as always, the truth is much closer than we think: true love wants our hearts. Not only. In all of my books, I have advised you to keep your hearts clean, through a daily examination of conscience (or...

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  It could not be otherwise. In all of my writings I have tried to teach people to not fear suffering, but rather to interpret it, to give it meaning. In the journey of life that I intend, full of meaning and sense, we need to know hot to enter into suffering and remain there for a time long enough to be able to discover our true and deep personal identities. Being in a hurry to stop suffering, in a superficial and consumerist vision of live, denying it, removing it,...

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