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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


  If we don’t learn how to learn from our mistakes, we are condemned to repeat them forever. We must learn to recognize our mistakes because, doing so, they purify, liberate, and mature us. They make us look inside ourselves, the put us in front of ourselves to unmask our sick, neurotic and evil parts. The false awareness of ourselves must die, to be able to open truly to life, to the other, to others, because this process of unmasking is not possible, is not possible with...

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  My challenge, in this last part of my earthly existence, is to sow useful directions for following the personal journey of spiritual awareness in a world that is complex, globalized and dominated by materialism, selfishness, and especially, by an absence of ethics. My wish for this Christmas is that we seek in everything that we do the intimite beauty and goodness of it―the inherent harmony. I am  convinced, as you all know, that deep down the world in which we live is...

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  Only when we are centered on the deep sense of existence, or better, only when this deep and personal sense determines our own identity, can we go beyond, even to dark woods or sunlit meadows. We can face dangers, risks or enemies. Because the meaning of life is not given to us by the darkness or light of events, friends or enemies, but rather by how all of these are lived. Certainly, the surprises of life, the losses, the end of an important love relationship, betrayals,...

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  In my opinion it’s better for a person who wants to begin a spiritual journey, to undertake it alone or with a spiritual master, but not in a relationship― even if, after a certain period, having become an expert in the spiritual journey, entering into a relationship becomes a priviledged space where, together with the other― who is also on a growth journey― one can reach ever elevated levels of awareness, which becomes the true motive to continue as a couple, and,...

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  We need a Church, not so much in its ritual dimension, but in its humanitarian one. A Church that is preoccupied with the loss of God in the current history of humanity, that fights against the evils of injustice and for social justice. Such a Church must rid itself of the desire to possess and dominate in order to enter into the logic of gratuity and sharing. It must become poor if it wants to speak truly to men and women of today. As I have always written, if the search...

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