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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


The psychospiritual awareness that I speak of in my books brings the elimination of the identification with our needs and emotions, with the hurts and sufferings that we have experienced. We continue to feel pain for the hurt we have experienced but the intimate and deep spiritual nucleus is not scratched. It remains free and vital. In this vision problems and difficulties are not eliminated but their strength and importance are taken away. We become free, no more dependent...

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At a certain point in life we must encounter inside of ourselves, in the depth of ourselves, in the heart of our souls, the place of our true self, which is connected to God, unchangeable and powerful, where we can retreat to in silence during the day. This discovery helps us not live in a reduced way, only on the ego level, spurred by its narcissitic and omnipotent demands or seeking to survive, crushed by the hardness of life, by injustice, by surprises, by suffering, but...

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When an aware person makes a mistake he or she knows it’s time to recognize his or her limits. This attitude helps the person err less, because the person grows in humanity, not in perfection. Mistakes serve to understand more deeply our own uniqueness.

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There is no single definition of solitude that is fine for everyone. For one person it may be the absence of friendship, for others the absence of love, for others still the sensation of not being able to communicate, of living without a goal, or of not having someone that loves you. Solitude therefore is a personal, subjective experience that each of us can and should define in order to give it meaning. The majority of people confuse solitude with isolation. Often solitude...

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I have always advised in my numerous books published by the Paulines, to take death as a mission, a journey of meaning undertaken on this earth. Not an isolated event, without meaning. To distance oneself from the soul brings neurosis. The soul knows the truth and we need to take seriously what the soul shows us. The relationship that we have with death conditions every act of our existence. The soul is not bound by categories of time or space. For this reason my friends...

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