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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


  The silence that I intend is not absence or inability to speak, but a new way of communicating. In a society like ours, where everyone talks, wants to be seen, yells, makes noise―stopping themselves from communicating authentically with themselves and each other―silence becomes an open space of true possibilities for language, of meaningful, diverse, unedited and alternative journeys. Silence, in absolute terms, is the most radical form of speech.

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  In the culture of this time each of us tries to manage our problems alone, because we no longer believe in cooperation and because everything changes so fast. It’s obvious that this is no long the time of classes. Everyone believes, in an illusory way, to possess great freedom. Freedom to be alone with one’s own solitude without meaning. It’s evident that in this situation the capacity for judgment and criticism is lacking. Not to speak of spiritual...

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  In all of my books, published by the Paulines, I have advised living our personal earthly existence as a journey, an adventurous, mysterious and unforeseeable one. We don’t need to be afraid of difficulties; they are part of the game. For this I wish for all my readers to live seeking to increase in interior, spiritual and psychospiritual awareness, because we have all come to this world with this potentiality. We just have to discover it, and we can do it in every...

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  Many say that crises hide new positive opportunities. Yes, but to seize them we need people of depth, wisdom and awareness at a psychospiritual level. For a while now I have been alerting my readers (see my last book LA VITA, Fragility of the heart) about the time in which we live. A systemic crisis, not temporary, not fortuitous, where the political class is composed of individuals unattached to reality, superficial, incapable, not coming out of tough selections; where...

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  In my idea of love (read LOVE by Valerio Albisetti, ed. Paoline), loving is a style of life, an attitude of the soul, an openness toward others that starts from sincerity and from the acceptance of ourselves, above all of our weakest and most complex parts. I continue to meet instead people who hide, who don’t admit their weaknesses, who are not sincere with others, who don’t speak the truth, and who demand love and being loved. For me, to the contrary, loving...

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