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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


The problem of suffering, especially of those unjustly treated and of the innocent often continues to be incomprehensible to thinking men. And it becomes an obstacle, a sometimes insurmountable one, to belief in God. Regarding this, there are several possible stances. There’s that of the acceptance of God’s will, imagining that a motive exists, unknown to the person in question, but known to God. Then, things being the way they are, one can only resign oneself and take the...

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Whoever feels he’s living a life not his own is probably thinking in a limited, earthly way. He should change his way of thinking. If he truly believed in God, he would understand that it’s God who gives us courage and the help necessary to develop our talents. Each of us has talent. Whoever thinks he doesn’t have talent, hasn’t learned to look within himself. It’s necessary to beg Our Lord from the bottom of our hearts to enable us to understand better and to see more...

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Following a long and prayerful time of reflection and thanking God, who as allowed this blog to become a reference point for thousands of people, whose number continually increases, I’ve decided to publish the Biblical verses that undergird and have always undergirded and supported my posts from the very beginning. I thank the Lord who, through my blog, had me meet a true friend and brother in Christ who, learning of my decision, told me: “By revealing your...

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VALERIO ALBISETTI writer. Realize the dream.

If you feel you’re living a life that’s not your own, you’re thinking in a narrow, limited way – an earthly way. You need to change your mentality. If you really believed in God, you’d understand that He’s the one who supplies the courage – the help necessary to develop your talents. Each one of us possesses talent. If you think you don’t, it’s because you haven’t looked deep inside yourself. You have to pray to...

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