Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


ALBISETTIAN PSICOSPIRITUAL ANALYSIS CONVERSION In Albisettian Psychospiritual Analysis the process of conversion isn’t only a matter of the will, the reason, but also of the psyche, the unconscious. Consent and contrition are still of fundamental importance, but, for me, the processes of self-analysis and self-criticism must be added to those. That doesn’t mean that Christian conversion can be reduced to a psychoanalytical technique, since we’re told that the origin and the...

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ALBISETTIAN PSYCHOSPIRITUAL ANALYSIS TRANSCENDENCE The impossibility of a human being’s seeing the face of God points to God’s transcendence and to the impossibility of manipulating or controlling Him. But today, in this highly technological period in history – a time also of confusion about values and about the meaning of life – the term “transcendence” has been emptied of real meaning. Most commonly it is understood to mean that God is transcendent in the sense that He is...

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