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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


Self-awareness and spirit-awareness: When these two are in equilibrium and in harmony, we will be healthy. When, however, they are are unbalanced and in disharmony one with the other, we will be sick. The symptoms are important, since they indicate the loss of balance and harmony. The symptoms are our allies and shouldn’t be struggled against because they point the way to really understanding the sickness. The symptoms are never wrong; they know us well, and they...

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With the passing of time, I’m ever more convinced that what our senses perceive is nothing other than an expression of the great, invisible universe. Thus, it is of the greatest importance that all of humanity interpret and de-codify the events it lives. One can say that a human being exists only insofar as he makes sense of his own being and all that surrounds him, and that means that we remain in existence only if we live the two, invisible modes of existence in our...

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Every drop of blood contains in it a whole person’s individuality and totality, so much so that just one drop of blood is needed to make a medical diagnosis. Blood pressure is the balance – the interior harmony of a person – which is determined by the pressure that’s created by the flow of blood against the walls of its confining veins and arteries. While blood, as we have seen, represents the individuality and totality of a person, the veins and...

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It should be said, besides, that in heart disturbances, there’s always a blockage of emotions – which emotions, not being able to be expressed, end up influencing people’s bodily health and force them to neurotically listen to their own heartbeats. Normally we live our days without paying attention to our own heartbeats. We start being aware of them when we experience strong emotions or when we’re sick. So we can say that persons with heart disease...

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It’s noticeable in highly organized and complex societies that people are afraid of losing control of their lives. Over time we all get used to acquiring firm control of ourselves, allowing us to live well together in society, and that’s why self-control and courtesy are valued so highly, and why both are taught from the earliest childhood years. But that contributes to the wide diffusion of hypocrisy at all levels of society, since self-control means repressing...

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