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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


Yet again – when the votes count- there is the impression that individuals matter. But in reality, the people are not represented. They are just used as customers. The new powers prefer to not commit to development or law making but to leave people apparently free, in anarchy, in a dimension without values, so the – the powers- can go on undisturbed with their own economic and financial interests. All of this has brought us to live in a climate of superficiality, of moral...

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The crumbling of old values, social disintegration caused by new poverty and continuous change in the socio-cultural framework and ceaseless immigration render useless the consolidated, institutional structure of rules and models of social justice. They contribute to a cultural model of non-commitment and non-hope. If we consider that representative democracies were born to give voice to the rights of the citizen, then they exist no more.

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Today we no longer need repression, brain-washing or state propaganda. The stressful and empty conditions of daily life, the precariousness of work, the continuous darkness and silence of the economic crisis, the infinite problems of immigration integration, untamed globalization, the dizzying increase of corruption and organized crime, the loss of control of natural food production, pollution, poison foods… all of these keep citizens in line. Keep them yoked, obedient, and...

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In this historic moment, the time in which we live, I exhort my readers to wake up, to think critically and above all, to recognize as awful the teachers our media makes famous and powerful – exactly because they are not on the road to psycho-spiritual awareness, exactly because they do not teach. They do not teach us to fulfill our human potential, even if they support it with words. I am convinced that the human being, the person, enslaved to the dominant system, is...

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For the past 50 years we have lived in a socio-cultural system where personal skills and abilities are no longer important. The most important thing is the way in which you sell yourself on the market to the most people possible. Success depends on the exterior image, on a nice attractive presence, on a young and continuously redone body, on aggression and ambition, on belonging to influential groups and clubs, on knowing the right and powerful people. In a word, today you...

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