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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita

Prayer, Heart and Breath

Prayer can also be a phrase or a short verse chosen from the Gospel or Bible, repeated sweetly, with eyes closed and with the heart. I pray always all day. I pray mentally but I learned with time not to force myself and to let myself go to the Lord’s will. Because if you turn towards God, praying and remaining in contact with him -through the mind and above all the heart- everything becomes easier. I have always thought that a human being can battle negative thoughts...

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Analyze in depth

Another battle method is to analyze in depth what the negative thought truly wants. For example: when you eat, ask yourself if you’re truly hungry or if it’s an anxious hunger or a unconscious desire to fill yourself with the affection you don’t have… Usually, when you analyze the negative thoughts they prefer to abandon the battle field. They are not very patient and if you don’t obey them immediately they go away, almost as if...

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Another piece of advice

I have seen that activating and concentrating on one or more of the senses – sight, sound, smell, touch, taste- helps to move the negative thoughts away… to look at lively colors with intensity, to taste a piece of candy, to smell perfume, to listen to a piece of sweet and harmonious music, to caress a piece of fabric…

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First Positive Advice

As I already mentioned, the first battle strategy consists in moving our attention to our spiritual motto as soon as a negative thought enters the mind. This could be a prayer, a word, or a line from sacred scripture. If despite this the negative thoughts don’t disappear, enter into communication with them. If we don’t listen to what they have to say, their negative and destructive power increases. We need to ask what they want to tell us, who sends them…. listen to them,...

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Another thing… for example

Another thing… good intentions should be made sparingly. If a good intention is not made with determination and concentration it can turn out to be a trap. It can become an alibi, a justification. The mind is very clever. So it is necessary to transfer the level of the battle. From theory to practice. When we make a good intention we do well to associate it to a practical act, something habitual and simple, like brushing our teeth, closing and opening a door or...

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