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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


How many times have you tried to change but then realized that nothing or little in you has changed? In the area of love above all… maybe you wanted to rid yourself of jealousy, but then old wounds kept reopening. Adolescent and childhood experiences of being rejected and unloved take hold and your good intentions disappear. Free yourself from the past. And bear in mind that if you feel down it’s because you are giving the power to hurt you to a time in your life, or...

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  The capacity for listening resides in our openness to new and different dimensions. This discovery of otherness is not easy. It is a lifetime process of emptying and of giving up our manipulation of reality for selfish ends. Listening allows for memory. Memory, like listening, forces us out of our egoism and from being closed. It makes us courageous, available and constructive. In every form of neurosis there exists omnipotence and a rejection of one’s limits. Only the...

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  Only when you are in contact with your true nature, only when you have found your role do you feel independent from the judgment of others. You understand that you have value in yourself. You will not let your self esteem depend on the behavior of others or on what another person says. Neither compliments nor criticism will be important to you because your personal dignity (as I intend it) is the act of accepting your own secret, your role. You will become truly...

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  Everything changed for me when I understood that each of us— just for the fact of being born, because we exist—was loved and wanted by God, even before we were born. This conviction makes you overcome adversity and malevolence, because your existence changes levels. You are here to go on your personal journey. You are unique and unrepeatable. For this you were sent on this planet. To undertake your mission. (Excerpt from THE JOURNEY OF LIFE [IL VIAGGIO DELLA VITA]....

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  If you fulfill your vocation you feel close to and in company with the surrounding world, as if by following your life journey, you tap into powerful energy sources coming from the universe. In truth, fulfilling your vocation means participating to the permanent work of universe’s Creation. You enter into a plan of universal wisdom and intelligence, the plan of Providence. Each time that a person develops his or her talents, God is with that person. Talents and...

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