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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


According to the personalistic vision, which I founded in the 1970’s, human beings do not live for themselves. They do not make their egos the center of everything. They do not bend life to their needs, but rather, orient it towards the spirit, towards awareness. They center their existence on God.

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Mistakes happen. However more serious than a mistake is not recognizing your error and not letting it purify and mature you. You need courage to look at yourself; to put you in front of yourself; to face and accept your own shadows, your weak and negatives spots. This unmasking process is not possible by your strength alone. You need help from another person, from another “you” that consults you. Recognizing your mistakes aids in the death of the false self so that you can...

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Listening allows for memory. A memory, like listening, makes us get out of our selfishness and closure. It renders us courageous, available and constructive. In every form of neurosis there are always feelings of omnipotence and rejection of one’s limits. Only unforgotten mistakes allow for a greater awareness and a greater acceptance of self and others.

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To know how to smile, you have to know how to listen. Being able to listen lies in openness to new worlds, like that of a child. Being able to listen goes beyond the ego and is independent of it. This discovery of a mutability beyond the ego is not easy. It takes an entire life to go through the process of emptying, of giving up the manipulation of reality for your own selfish objectives.

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Closed door. In the sky the black moon peaks out. Have you stitched my memory in the freezing sand. Why do you cry?

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