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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


In the course of our existence, even if we are unaware of it, we live through different phases, different moments, different periods of our lives – sometimes imperceptible to us, at other times very noticeable – of our own making or forced upon us by others, we live through various changes. But change always precedes death and leads to rebirth – death of what we were and rebirth into what we will be. This process causes pain and suffering, and every time...

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The readers of my blog will have noted from its start in the Year of Our Lord 2013 that my postings deal with concerns of current interest and try to lead the reader to a deeper understanding of those concerns, utilizing all I’ve gleaned during the course of my writing career. On the other hand, my way of looking at life, shared in the numerous books of mine published in Italy by ed.Paoline, has always been a dynamic, not a static one of the human person. Stretching...

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Today in Italy representative democracy is declining and participatory democracy is on the increase. I see many signs that indicate a citizenry that wants to live in a new Europe, brought about by a cultural, political, and social revolution, which will also, I hope, be spiritual, and which will occur peacefully and with a full realization of its import. Of course, this revolution is already well on its way in the new media. Newspapers and television are disappearing, and...

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