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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


I wrote this phrase more than 20 years ago in the book “To be Happy” published by the Paulines. But to me it still seems current. Often we delude ourselves into thinking we feel authentic emotions, while, in reality, they are induced by others, by the communication system -above all tv- and studied according to market demand. But we, seekers of meaning, friends of Valerio Albisetti, we know that our souls do not respond to pre-established social models and cannot and must...

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Listening as the skill of receiving and welcoming is fundamental for putting yourself on the road toward true love. It is the skill of listening that helps us discover the other person. Listening is necessary for introspection, for knowing ourselves deeply but also for knowing our partners, for accepting them, for understanding their journeys. Listening is necessary for growth. Only after listening do we come out of our own narcissism and the perverse mechanism of...

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You cannot hope if you are not aware that you live in a situation characterized by contradictions and pain. To hope means believing that this situation is not fatal. It means believing you can overcome it. To hope is to plan for a free existence and to keep battling against the forces that hinder you. To hope means believing in a better future that can be reached by men and women themselves through daily behavior.

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People who place the center in themselves are not capable of giving true meaning to their existence. They do not communicate authenticity. Senselessness renders people slaves. It brings with it a subtle violence. It comes from interior emptiness. Not being aware of oneself inevitably brings us to distancing ourselves and refusing the other. The sick, closed and bad ego is a destructor. After all, the will to destruction is none other than the will to destroy...

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I believe that you should be discerning in the type of help you offer to a friend, so that it stimulates that person’s personal growth. It is not enough just to give. You have to ask yourself WHY you give. You might find out, for example, that giving is a way to compensate for your sense of guilt, inferiority or to tie the other person to you or to cover up your solitude. True friendship makes the other grow. It renders the person autonomous and independent. It does not...

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