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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


  Today, the majority of humanity, at least in the West, is made up of individuals who are empty inside, who lack a deep sense of their existence. They live with a continuous sense of uselessness and alienation, and are without values. Above all, they lack hope. And this makes a big difference. Because everything changes, if what you do, you do it with authenticity, heart and soul, or if you do it with a soul alienated from yourself and others. It’s one thing to live as...

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Sex is one of the activities and forms of communications most practiced by human beings. It is the most physical, the most intimate, and therefore is space where human beings invest their energy, fantasies, dreams, but above all their ghosts, their neuroses, their perversions. The more a person is neurotic, the more that person will invest in sex! The more perverse a person is the more the he or she is involved in disturbed sexuality. The relationship with the other,...

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Only with a profound psycho-spiritual awareness, with an ethical vision of life, can we face adversity and difficulty, without losing vitality, without losing our specificity. Only in this way do we become capable of suffering. In a society such as ours that teaches us to flee suffering and death, that chases after plastic surgery, easy money, organized lies, and sees the body as something to be consumed, my way thinking is kept distant by the powerful and  their...

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The person who loses a sense of ethics does not live on a psycho-spiritual level and will enter into a delirium of omnipotence. He wants to be powerful because he is impotent and incapable. For this he shows himself to be capable, with a social image, to satisfy his and other people’s needs, knowing that he tells lies. This is because, this person is empty on the inside and that which counts for him is what he gets back for himself – at whatever cost – in order to...

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On the Rai Radio BEN FATTO archive site you can listen to the Valerio Albisetti interview from Jannuary, the 10th.

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