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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


TODAY’S CULTURE Our competitive and superficial culture tries to make us believe that life is meaningful only when we become rich, powerful, and above all when we aren’t suffering. This is such that the person that doesn’t reach some kind of success feels frustrated, depressed, unimportant and valueless. Today, personal identity is built outside of the person, on top of our exterior image, on our appearance, on illusion; so much so that characters have substituted real...

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It is important to know how to manage positively the suffering from being hurt. The first thing to do is to forgive yourself. Don’t blame yourself. Don’t feel guilty. You must abandon the conviction that you caused the suffering. You must start to treat yourself with sweetness, like you would your best friend. Doing this you eliminate the interior carnage that was created inside of you and you transform it into your protector. You begin to reestablish the interior harmony...

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He who merely survives. fears defeat. He knows, deep down, that he is incapable and powerless on the psycho-spiritual level. For this reason he tries to seem sure of himself and skillful on a superficial level, to satisfy his or others’ needs. It is not a coincidence, in this society, that people who go on TV promising liberation from needs, problems and suffering are successful. It is not a coincidence that the so-called intellectuals and superficial talk shows (and...

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The person who survives, on a psycho-spiritual level, seeks to control and manipulate others. He wants to possess the other, for himself. The person, who instead, lives psycho-spiritually, renders other person free. This person leaves others to their responsibilities. This person wants others to belong to the universe, to God. The person who survives, on the psychological level, deep down, does not trust others or humanity. The person who lives psycho-spiritually trusts...

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We human beings feel happiness and joy only when we are in contact with our spiritual sides. After asking yourself, “Why?” thinking of your personal history, looking for the psychological keys to read it, you have to pass to the next question: “What does God want to say to me with this and what is happening to me?” And so, we reduce personal neuroses so we can recognize and dialogue with our spiritual sides. We need to possess a free gaze, if we want to live in an authentic...

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