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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


Living these experiences, with my hypersensitivity, ever since I was young I always placed the satisfaction of my thirst for happiness outside of myself, in another, others, in the world. In God. For this I know that I have always been, deep down, a spiritual man. Religious. The moments of happiness that we feel on this earth help us to intuit eternal happiness. But the interior peace that I mean does not exclude suffering, nor does it seek absolute...

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Often in my life I have felt an irrepressible thirst for happiness and the impossibility of totally fulfilling it. It has always been so, in moments of personal joy, in moments of intense love relationships, in the tranquility of psycho-spiritual harmony with myself and others. I always felt like something was missing. Even when you live an intense, happy, reciprocal love… you can sense the finitude. Limits. Who has not had the experience of living the unbridled strength of...

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Then if you are psychologically healthy, a gradual diminishing of the emotions begins, so that you understand the new reality and can take from it as many benefits as possible, above all increases in maturity and awareness. In the end it’s important to take back all of the investment made in the person you loved. To not get out of it maimed, but rather as more experienced and with all of the life force that you had with that person. Better yet, with more vitality and...

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Then after while, the person that suffered the loss lives an array of different emotions: fear, sense of abandonment, solitude, anxiety, anguish, anger, guilt. These emotions flow in and out of the person dozens and dozens of times a day, and become obsessive, repetitive and...

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On the “Ben Fatto” radio show website you can listen to and download the interview. To download the interview in mp3 format follow this link to the show’s...

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