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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


From the many comments received on the blog, I have understood that the topic of our thoughts is felt strongly. Maybe also because few are the specialists who deal with thoughts. Besides the more than 30 years of psychoanalytic practice and psychotherapy, long periods living as a hermit help me in this. On the other hand, I am more and more convinced that hermits, the few that still exist, and true cloistered monks who are used to silence and prayer, have more to do with...

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We are what we think. If you let your mind be constantly inhabited by sad thoughts, you won’t likely encounter positive, fecund opportunities or situations. Thoughts are what move the body. Thoughts are what make you confused. When you feel confused it’s because you are feeling fear. You should go then and get to know that fear. Fear and confusion come to test us, they come to verify our determination. We will always find obstacles on our path, but they are there to teach...

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One hundred!

…100! Today I received the 100th email request to info@valerioalbisetti.it and I now making plans to send the POEMS booklet to everyone, as promised.

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Download the 4thradio interview You can download or listen to the “Ben fatto” interview on their website. To download the interview in mp3 format follow this link to the website.

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