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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita

LIFE. Fragility of the heart.

Today my book Life, Fragility of the heart, was released in book stores and Amazon.com. If you follow this blog you’ll recognize pieces from the book that I’ve already posted here and there. I dedicate this book to you, my readers. All of my books are like children, although I think this one is probably the best yet and probably the most sophisticated. Thank you in advance to those who buy it, and after having read it, keep it in their homes as if it were me.

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In a psycho-spiritual vision, challenges we face are valuable because they give us useful information and precious guidance for continuing our journeys of growth in a better way. If we interpret suffering, with this vision, we discover our true personal identities. If you chose to live, not just to survive, (which can only be done through psycho-spirituality) you understand that the important thing is not to remain inside things or situations or people or suffering, but to...

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We are used to demanding affection and love. When you beging to enter into my psycho-spiritual vision, you begin to give, to listen and respect the other person. We would like to be served, but the journey of psycho-spiritual growth tells us to serve others, witnessing our paths of light to them. Therefore entering into relationship with others does not mean making yourself a slave to them or giving into their narcissistic demands. No, it means becoming a space of freedom...

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  Today, the majority of humanity, at least in the West, is made up of individuals who are empty inside, who lack a deep sense of their existence. They live with a continuous sense of uselessness and alienation, and are without values. Above all, they lack hope. And this makes a big difference. Because everything changes, if what you do, you do it with authenticity, heart and soul, or if you do it with a soul alienated from yourself and others. It’s one thing to live as...

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Sex is one of the activities and forms of communications most practiced by human beings. It is the most physical, the most intimate, and therefore is space where human beings invest their energy, fantasies, dreams, but above all their ghosts, their neuroses, their perversions. The more a person is neurotic, the more that person will invest in sex! The more perverse a person is the more the he or she is involved in disturbed sexuality. The relationship with the other,...

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