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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


Humanity dreams of love, but doesn’t know how to. People are afraid. They fear mystery. We’ve reached incredible levels of technical progress, but we still confuse love with posession. Society leaves love out of the journey of the world, out of relationships, and so doing, makes it an illusion imprisoned by omnipotent perfection… “and they lived happily ever after”… instead, all of this ends up killing love, rendering it a space where people mulitiply their...

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We are what we think. It seems incredibile but it’s true. If, for example, you begin the day with negative thoughts, if you allow your mind to be continously inhabited by sad, disatisfied, blameful thoughts, it will be difficult for positive, fertile and rich situations or encouters to happen to you. Our thoughts are what move our body. Our thoughts are what confuse us. Our thoughts are what makes us feel afraid. (taken from the book POSITIVAMENTE, Valerio Albisetti, Ed....

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The spirituality that I believe in is not its ritualistic side, but its humanitarian side. Because the plan of God in history is late in being fulfilled, continously contradicted by the infedelity and blindness of men and women. It pushes me to look far away, beyond the inhumane present, and to rebel against injustice and evil, hoping always in the good.

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Everyone, or almost everyone talks of love and freedom, but in reality they prefer living in the prison of their egos… love and freedom are not reached only by stopping certain situations, but above all by creating precise interior elments, such as psychospiritual awareness… we need to convert inside ourselves, in our hearts.

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My being wise consists in asking myself first if I truly believe in what I say or write, if it is loving and if it helps the growth journey. I believe that being wise means living more in silence than in the noise of words. It means waiting and listening. When one speaks it should always be when necessary and useful, above all when you truly have something important to say.

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