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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


ALBISETTIAN PSYCHOSPIRITUAL ANALYSIS REIFICATION Reification is the psychic process that transforms a person into a thing. It’s that way for the word: The speaker of the word is no longer as important as the word spoken, which takes precedence over the person speaking. In that regard, the history of Western theology has been noticeably affected by the reification of the word. So for that reason, Albisettian psychospiritual analysis puts everyone on guard against idolatry....

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ALBISETTIAN PSYCHOSPIRITUAL ANALYSIS MEMORY In the psychospirituality that is my hallmark, memory, like listening, is the overcoming of one’s own imaginary constructs and of one’s own narcissism. And, in fact, whoever is deprived of memory lives in a world of illusions. The past, which can no longer be changed, is outside our ego’s control and its desire for omnipotence. The past can only be listened to and interpreted as the root of the present. For this reason, memory of...

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ALBISETTIAN PSYCHOSPIRITUAL ANALYSIS LISTENING Whatever comes from the imagination is the fruit of a strong sense of one’s “I” – one’s narcissism or image of oneself. But no religious text, like the Bible, is able to break the narcissistic chain. Its first words: “In the beginning God created heaven and earth,” (Gen.1:1) indisputably establish that the role of the Creator is God’s, not man’s. That being the case, then being human doesn’t mean being creative, but being...

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