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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


I’ve been noticing that lots of people are too concerned about minutely controlling every aspect of their own lives. We are not the people we think we are. From birth, our identity is based on our own very limited experience of life. As the years pass, we become aware that the goods we have accumulated give our egos the illusion that we have, in fact, lived and have realized our full potential. But we are not meant to please our egos, but our souls. To follow our own...

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How strange it is that God, who is invisible, is the one who visibly moves the world around us! Everything that we experience as a concrete, material reality was born in the invisible realm, which exists beyond space and time. God is invisible and yet causes miracles to happen in the material word, and He’s the source of love, beauty, and truth. If we don’t draw near to this infinite, creative font, near to God, we will always be afraid of suffering and death....

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Each person lives through certain significant phases of his existence in his own, very personal way, with his own particular set of motivating factors. So I always advise people that they try to keep in mind their own personal road maps of life, on which are written their own characteristics and necessities, as well as the good and bad in their own personalities. Then lack of success and suffering are totally and uniquely their own, as they strive to be faithful to...

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Meanness is deeply rooted in man, in his relationships with other human beings. It doesn’t exist in nature. Mean or nasty people take advantage of others to debase them. They do not allow for the complexity in persons, but only see their weak and negative sides – dragging them down. For this reason we all have to learn to recognize and try to change our weaknesses to strengths. That’s the only way we can win out against the meanness in our fellow...

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During days of meditation I have come to understand that it is an awareness of impending death that differentiates spiritual persons from others. In my vision of things, described in my books, published by Ed.Paoline, I see life as serving to prepare us for death. Death is the apex of our existence – the last transition and the most important one. Death is separation from the material, physical body. That separation is inevitable, whether it happens peacefully or not....

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