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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


The great mystic spiritual tradition teaches us, above all, that ultimate reality can never been shown, nor explained–or even described or known–because it is beyond the senses and beyond reason. Reality is lived on an intuitive dimension by psychospiritual aware people, while being experienced in a way that is fully concrete and human. The intuitive dimension produces a powerful state of spiritual awareness. Deep spiritual meditation increases the ability to...

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I hope that we realize one day the seriousness of not possessing true, mythic symbols anymore—the ones that united us to archetypes, to the ancient and great symbolic traditions, the ones that showed in a clear way ways and paths, and which gave dignity and courage to those that followed them, making them feel like heroic bearers of their personal stories and vocations. For this reason, we—who are alone even if we have overcome the problems of survival—only feel a deep fear...

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We would all like to flee from sickness and death, but unfortunately we cannot. The only intelligent possibility is to play the response on a spiritual level. In fact, sickness interrogates us. It poses new questions that we never felt before. Sickness has the objective of destroying our omnipotent illusions, but it always creates a new freedom. The person on a journey of spiritual awareness knows that sickness and death are part of human nature. In a superficial vision...

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From the moment you choose to walk the journey toward psychospiritual awareness, you will be persecuted by those who are not aware, those who base their whole lives on superficiality and who do not want you to become profound. These people base their entire lives and do their business on the unawareness of others. They can prosper because they obey a small god, not God. The prefer darkness to light. They can survive only through the interior filth of whom they encounter....

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Life must be lived, not spoken. The spiritual journey of life, as I have written in my books, starts and continues through direct and concrete experiences of life, not intellectual or theorectical ones. My psychospiritual vision is based on the conviction that all things on earth are interdependent and are manifestations of God. The Spirit cannot be imprisoned. It is free and joyous.

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