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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


The powerful of the day and society in general have taken psycho-spirituality hostage because they know it is revolutionary, and critical toward the dominating system. It cannot be assimilated by the reigning conformism. In a world like such as this, perversely dominated by the media and technology, the person is no longer the center of the universe – as in my psycho-spiritual vision- but on the periphery, a miserable and dull consumerist gear of the globalized economic...

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EMPTY INSIDE Today, the large majority of humanity, at least in the west, is made up of people who are empty on the inside, not possessing a deep meaning for their own existence. They live with a continuous sense of uselessness and alienation. Without values. Above all, without hope. And this makes a big difference. Because everything changes, if what you do, you do with authenticity, with heart, with soul …or…on the other hand… if you do it with a soul...

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Life on earth, for me.

Earth should be the place where material goods serve the joy of all. They are a gratuitous gift from God to the humanity that God created. The perception of the earth as a gift of God obligates society to base itself as a concrete need for social sharing and personal collaboration.Recognizing earth as gift means recognizing its destiny for common use to struggle against egoism and injustice. Instead the globalized, consumerist and capitalistic society of today –...

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  I’ve never believed in happiness, not even when I was six years old. For me it was always one of many odd and theoretical concepts that fill the mouths of men and women. Instead, I have always believed in serenity, in interior peace. I sought it and I found it. Around forty years old… Serenity is the discovery of being, a magical moment in which we live intensely the fact of existence. Serenity comes from knowing. Serenity comes from truth. Serenity comes from...

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On the Rai Radio BEN FATTO archive site you can listen to the Valerio Albisetti interview from 02/14 on “When love ends”

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