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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


I’m convinced that we live in an age when research no longer exists, or, if it does, it’s very superficial, focused on the surface. That indicates a sad loss for humanity – a loss of hope. From the start my job has always been to try to reawaken people’s souls through the magic of the written word as it stirs the imagination. I never wanted to be part of an institutional church because too often those who are part of one end up being prideful and...

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The real problem is not the loss of things and persons, but rather the slipping away of one’s own life and especially of deep reflection on the profound meaning of one’s own existence in God’s eyes. In other words, only when we have a deep, personal understanding of our lives can we venture into either the dark woods or the sunny meadows of life, meet dangers and enemies and take risks because the darkly negative or brightly positive ways of looking at...

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Personal identity today is usually understood as hinging on the possession of things and persons. It’s almost always based on externals rather than on the inner being, so that’s why we would expect that as soon as we lose things and persons, both of which are external to ourselves, we have identity crises – serious ones that can lead to profound spiritual (I call it psychospiritual) distress, not to mention eventual physical distress. Only when we look...

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I never believed in happiness nor tried to pursue it. Instead, I’ve always believed in serenity, inner peace, and the heart’s well being, which leaves us satisfied and open to life. Already in my first books I wrote about the need to reduce one’s neuroses, and I haven’t changed my mind about that. It’s still foremost in my thoughts and has been central to my personal view of things all along. It’s necessary to move from the lower levels...

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The vital force in each one of us depends on our being connected to that which has no end.To be alive means to be courageous, possess a deep knowledge of myself, so as to be able to journey along unknown roads, ever aware that I am part of a timeless flow, but maintaining the desire to learn, to make sense of things on a psychospiritual level. Everything visible and concrete, looked at from a psychospiritual point of view, becomes a locus of the invisible, a place of...

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