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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


Many people, when they reach middle age, try to hide the signs of creeping old age…but they don’t know that the more they try to hide the external signs of old age, the more they age interiorly. The prouder one is of one’s own wrinkles, the younger he becomes spiritually. At some point in life it is necessary to abandon the periphery and concentrate one’s efforts on returning to the center – letting go of possessions and focusing on the...

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Spiritual wisdom, as I understand it, is like salt. Just as salt preserves quality and prevents deterioration and rot, so in small quantities, salt adds taste and prevents sickness. In water it dissolves easily and, once dissolved, is diffused and dissipates but leaves the water salty. In a similar way, spiritual wisdom spreads everywhere and is inexhaustible. It can be found everywhere in the smallest things. It’s clearly present but loves to stay hidden

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Now and then we become aware that we’re not living according to our own ideals but according to those of others. To avoid doing that, we should ask ourselves honestly every day what is most important to us. We have to remember we can’t control everything. Realizing that, we should pray this prayer [Ed., cf., Serenity Prayer of Reinhold Niebuhr]: Oh, Lord, give me inner calm to accept what I can’t change, the courage to change what I can, and the wisdom to...

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In the end, to complete my discussion on the topic of relationship: My ideas on relationship presuppose freedom to speak, willingness to listen, and agreement on life’s values between those in relationship. Any relationship of mine involves making plans and carrying them out together, with no motive other than moving together toward more understanding and growth in psychospirituality and creating a secure place of trust where both feel at ease – able to trust...

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The more you become conscious of your own mortality, the less likely you’ll sit in judgment on your neighbor – not because of indifference or resignation to him, but because you are both part of and have both embraced, and share the same human condition. You’re both equipped with the same awareness, and, more importantly, both of you have chosen to live your earthly existence as a pathway to discovery and mindfulness – not just mindful that...

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