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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


In the first half of live we are taught to build a tower, to make it solid, strong, powerful but in the second half of live we need to begin to take it down piece by piece. So it must be. So we prepare ourselves for the Great Journey. I feel so sorry for these old people that continue to want power, money, sex and fame. They are insatiable. It seems they don’t have to die. But it will not be like that, not even for them. They continue to work, continue to accumulate,...

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Human beings are not static. They are not rigidly determined in a genetic way as was once thought. A human being can reach psychospiritual awareness, and is able to analyze in a critical way what is experienced. A human being knows how to recognize that which serves to increase awareness and that which instead hinders it. Related to this, I affirm that the human being possesses enormous capacities for change and transformation of personality. The human being, different from...

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To understand social dynamics we must understand the psychological dynamics that operate in the person, likewise to understand the person we must we must take into account the sociocultural context in which that person lives. I’ve realized unfortunately that today, in the third millennium after Christ, humanity did not know how to use the freedom it won to fully express its potentiality. Not only this. It seems that the freedom conquered, even if partial, rather than...

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Even to love we need great interior freedom. If we are not free inside then we cannot truly love, even if on the outside we can seem capable, able give gifts, kind, gentle… because even giving is part of a psychospiritual journey, it’s not a banal or superficial or easy act. Because the giving I intend is free, it does not wait to get something back, for interest. In my vision rich is the person who gives, rather than the person who possesses many things. By giving, I don’t...

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We can grow only if we accept the possibility of falling, only if we live in the name of reality, of life, of humanity, and not follow the unrealistic, illusory models made only of rules and regulations. We need to know how to use the heart too, not just the mind. Often the heart arrives to something before the mind¯and understands it better. To fall and get up not to repeat the same error again presupposes the ability to accept oneself. To get up and have the strength to...

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