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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


  It’s hard for someone who wasn’t loved enough or listened to as a child to take the right distance from people and things. You either end up closing yourself in the silence and self isolation of an autistic solipsist, not able to communicate with others and envious of them, denigrating and denying them―or on the other hand― you tend to melt with others, confusing love with possession, taking strength from others and feeling like you are able to make choices...

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I keep writing in all the books I’ve published, that the inhabitants of this time feel alone, afraid, empty and powerless, and for this reason they desperately seek to bind themselves to their similars.  But today the lasting bonds have disappeared and are substituted by temporary bonds, that don’t require commitment, hard work, tension or suffering, and above all that do not limit freedom. For this it’s more correct to speak of personal connections, the model of which is...

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  I’ve learned with time how to live each day with soul. I have to say that when you remain in continuous  contact with your own soul you desire to refine yourself and you know how, you become more and more essential. This is the destiny of true, alive, free men and women. To live with soul means facing the day in the name of an interior vision that brings you to even more evolved levels of awareness and wisdom, where all the people you encounter have meaning–they...

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  Certainly the suffering and psychic wounds of childhood leave deep marks, but they can also give meaning to our adult lives. Being reborn does not mean removal, but rather understanding and taking the past in, transforming it. To do this we don’t need to erase the past, but to take a distance from the suffering we experienced. If we want to become persons gifted with true self-esteem, we have to give new meaning to our past, avoiding judgments and definitive...

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  Entering into relationship with others does not mean making yourself a slave to them or giving into their narcissistic demands. No, it means becoming a space of freedom for them, a space of autonomy, of true life and growth, in order to be able to reach increasingly evolved levels of psycho-spiritual awareness. You should enter into meaningful relationships not out of duty or for conformism or appearances, but for intimate inner realization. Not to deprive yourself of...

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