Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita


Noted Catholic writer, VALERIO ALBISETTI, originator and Director from 1990 to the present of the Edizione Paoline Psychology series, and founder also of the “Writer Valerio Albisetti” Association, which is a charitable foundation, established to donate the Author’s books to places where there is human suffering, has chosen the CASA DI CURA LECCO (Rehabilitation Center) – Beato (Blessed) Luigi Talamoni, located in Lecco on the Lake of Como, as the 2014 beneficiary of his valuable assistance (based on Christian principles) in the form of a gift of the author’s works, which he hopes will help alleviate the suffering and offer hope to its patients.

- “Having arrived at the final tap of my earthly life, I have decided to freely share with others my optimistic view of life and to donate to the suffering and the weak some of what I possess so that the seeds of good may be planted further afield and more deeply.” And this on the occasion of the publication of my new book, “Freedom to Choose the Good,” published, as always in Italy, by Ed.Paoline.

- “In my books I have always presented life as a search or a path to follow, on which we see and scrutinize everything around us, to discover its essence, and also to come to understand that behind all suffering there is a rainbow of hope.”

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