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Valerio Albisetti - Il viaggio della Vita



(continued) And so continuing the story of how I landed in the place of the hill they want to destroy and where I lay down to count the stars (see previous posts)… I decided to fulfill dreams from the trauma I lived through and so, having passed through the experience of the tumor, I decided to become a writer and live in contact with nature. I was still recovering when I used all of my savings to buy the farm and stone house. With the tumor removed I mysteriously felt the need to live in contact with uncontaminated nature… and then I came to discover that other people who have similar experiences feel the need to eat organically and live in an unpolluted environment… and so I began to cultivate the land organically. I became a certified organic farmer in 1980-81.

For this reason those who read my books know that I have always described the earth as a gift of God. I have never seen the earth as a mere object or something to take advantage of or manipulate. And this is the passage that can truly change our way of living the day: passing from a selfish dimension to one of gratuity and recognition, from a dimension of possession to one of justice and sharing.


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